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"Please send my greetings to Liselott Lading for making me sleepless...

A very thought provoking and interesting talk, fantastic. Amazing energy, and a very important message" 
(Participant Svensk Elstandard annual meeting)

"Today was one of the best presentations I have seen for a while." (Regional Sales Director, EMEA, tech company)

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"I want European-based companies to be in the forefront of digitalization and new technology. This way, we can voice an opinion in between China and the US. 

For me, that's a way to secure the future I want for my kids, as well as for Europe. We often have values Id' like to see built into the tech we will have in our society. 

So with whom, and why, is more important to me than the actual form for collaboration. To be my perfect match, you are an international business based in Europe, who want to be data-driven or to digitalize parts of your business."


  • Data driven: Identify the vision, mission and roadmap for a "data driven agenda" in a global company. Project managing the acitivites in the roadmap.

  • Digitalization: Based on an idea of a new revenue stream, do a pre-study of the capabilities needed. Both from systems as well as from the organization. (IT, compliance, financial, customer service, etc.)

  • IT-product owner: Responsible for the evaluation and closure of a RMR-platform (Recurrent monthly revenue). 

  • Digital marketing and sales: Plan for digital marketing and sales, from a tech- as well as operational point of view. Including how to measure and optimize over time. Starting point in tangible business goals.

  • IT management: Negotiating new CMS and after closing the deal: do the plan for maximum usage of both hard and soft products included in the offer.

  • Manager: For several tech-teams with different compliance needs: SoX, GDPR; ISO 27001. In the intersection in between IT/ Sales / Marketing

  • Tech and ethics: Workshops and material for educating developers and managers in the discussion of tech and ethics.

Konsultuppdrag glödlampa


Consultancy. Business strategies, starting in digitalization and automation. New customer journeys mapped in IT-systems and dataflows. IT-compliance risks. Identification of new business models and their execution. Program management, project management, change management.  

Föreläsning förstoringsglas


Inspirational talk. What does the future of tech looks like? And what does the future of our society look like? And how will the combination of the two affect us, the humans? Has been described as an unsentimental and sometimes provoking hour that opens your mind to new dangers and possibilities. Please contact  Vi & Vänner

Workshop verktyg


Full-day-workshop. We'll expore how OpenAI (GPT3 AI) could be your next colleague. As a doer that helps you scale and digitalize faster. What tasks, processes or flows can be replaced by this AI, and what questions does that arise? We'll go from ideas to real cases during this day.

Föreläsning megafon


Inspirational talk. What is Elon Musks OpenAI (GPT3 AI) and how can you use it in your everyday? As your digital employee / assistant. Eye opening. Down to earth. Humoristic. Please contact Vi & Vänne

Speaker history from:  Google Digital academy|Hyper Island|Lunds University|Internet in Focus| Executive Foundation Lund|Academy of Excellence |Founders day etc.

Speaker-teaser 3 min (Swedish)

Innovation Fika with KTH 30 min

Review of Liselott Lading for Perstorp Group

Perstorp – like many manufacturing companies especially in the chemical industry – has embarked on a digital transformation journey. Perstorp needs to take concrete strategic steps towards digital maturity, one of which is to build competence.


To inspire the company at large and coach specific target audiences in digital marketing, sales and customer support, Perstorp looked for an inspirational speaker; highly knowledgeable in digital and with an innate ability to bridge between technology and humans, and simultaneously with a dosage of hands on competence from both business and IT. We found this combination in Liselott Lading and commissioned her for five tailor made sessions on digital in general and sales & marketing specifically.


Voices from the audience – unprompted feedback:

Today was one of the best presentations I have seen for a while.  – Senior Sales Manager

Liselott is a perfect fit for us and where we are in our digital maturity. – Senior Manager Communications

Really liked today’s session. Concrete and to the point. – Senior Manager Marketing Communication